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Milagro Media's Reputation Marketing Program is the Gold Standard for marketing your Online Reputation. We know that, in today's marketplace, managing your online reputation is no longer enough. Instead, Building Your 5 Star Reputation first, then strategically Marketing Your Reputation, with multiple media, all across the internet-- -- has become today's most indispensable strategy, for maximizing your sales and profit.

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  • ReTargeting has been defined by some marketing professionals as the most powerful, predictable, and cost-effective marketing strategy ever invented. Here are some of the reasons why:

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  • Customer traffic is the lifeblood of any business, and in today's world the most important form it takes is web traffic. Vastly more people make first contact with your business through your website to decide if they will even pick up the phone or step into your office. However, the current research shows that you convert few first time website visitors into new customers.

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  • Video is the King of Media. Television, which used to be king, has become a stepping stone, for the many ways video is now used on the internet and will continue to evolve. Television has been surpassed by Internet Videos. 94% of internet users now watch at least one online video per week.

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  • Who We Are

    Milagro Media, Inc., is a Full Service, Digital Marketing team, comprised of seasoned Strategic Advertising, Internet, Television and Digital Marketing professionals. Our owner, Stan Byars and Sales Manager, Jeff Shuster have both been advertising and marketing professionals, since the early 80’s. Jeff got his degree in telecommunications, from Michigan State University, then worked in radio and television sales, plus two different ad agencies, developing strategic marketing campaigns , for clients all around the country, including automotive, RV and construction companies.

    Stan, has developed several successful businesses. He’s been a consultant to television stations around the country, he’s owned a successful ad agency and developed a real estate business, of 55 agents, which he sold, to focus exclusively on Digital Marketing.

    Milagro Media, Inc., not only sees Digital Marketing as the wave of the future, but we’ve found that Online Reputation Marketing in particular, when correctly implemented, can deliver local business, greater returns on investment, than anything we’ve seen in the last 30 years.

    Through our proprietary Feedback System, we obtain valuable insight into each client’s customers. We combine that, with our strategic marketing experience and proprietary digital technologies, to build and market your 5 Star Reputation, to bring you more customers, at the lowest possible cost. And we do it all with honesty, integrity and superior customer service… as hard working members of your team.

    How Important Is Your Customer’s Experience, With You?

    With the increase in Robot phone systems, Customer Experience Software which greatly helps businesses, but prevents customers from talking to real people, the coming explosion of Artificial Intelligence and all the divisiveness in the country, no one trusts anyone anymore, to follow through and do what they say they’ll do. Therefore, your Customer’s Experience with your business now, is more important than ever and in the future… Customer Experience will become ever more important.

    Current studies indicate the lack of human interaction people experience, when dealing with a business or any large organization by phone or internet, is high on the list, of everyone’s biggest pet peeves today. It therefore has become vital at key points, for a business to respond to its Customers as soon as possible, with a real person, especially if the customer has a problem.

    Bottom line, the Customer Experience you deliver is more important than ever and is becoming more important every day. Smart businesses know they need constant feedback from their customers, to ensure they are on the right track. The risk of not having that feedback is great.

    Businesses “Disrupted” by innovation, which creates a new market and value network that eventually disrupts an existing market and displaces established firms, is a well-documented phenomenon. Think digital cameras and Kodak film. The destruction of a business can really happen at almost a snap of the fingers, once a new technology or service gets rolling. John Chambers, CEO of CISCO Technologies was quoted as saying, “If you aren’t disrupting your competitors, they will disrupt you”.

    This quote nicely sums up the snowballing importance, of obtaining customer feedback, on a daily basis. Getting feedback from your customers, considering their problems, complaints, wants and needs is rapidly becoming one the most important functions a business owner must perform, in order to ensure the business survives and thrives. The importance of that function will only grow.

    At Milagro Media Inc., our core business is our proprietary Feedback System, of requesting, obtaining, delivering and analyzing this vital feedback, from our client’s customers, for the private use of our clients. Ask us how you can begin receiving this vital information, from your customers.

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